The Story

In Washington DC during April 1971 to September 1972,  six young Black girls were abducted and murdered by a man that would come to be infamously known as the Freeway Phantom. 

Labeled as the area’s first serial killer, the city lived in fear as he boldly lured girls off of busy streets, sometimes in broad daylight during a 15 month span. Their bodies were disposed on various freeways and highways throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. 

His victims included 13-year-old Carol Spinks, 16-year-old Darlenia Johnson, 10-year-old Brenda Crockett, 12-year-old Nenomoshia Yates, 18-year-old Brenda Woodard and 17-year-old Diane Williams. To this day, the Freeway Phantom has not been brought to justice and managed to leave minimal clues to discover his true identity.

A couple of locals follow the case of Washington DC’s first infamous serial killer, the “Freeway Phantom.”  Hosted by Ally G., they uncover the truth behind the lack of coverage while giving the victims a second chance to be heard

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